Four births and a funeral
Well, the month is pretty stuffed this year. On 12th was my friend’s Maggi birthday, 13th was the Samuel Beckett’s 103 birthday and today is my laptop’s (Topcho) birthday. I planed a little party in its honor, but for some reasons, it won’t happen.. let’s say, time reasons.. But it doesn’t matter, because, we’ll be the whole night together and celebrate it anyway. Wait, the birthday sequence is not over and on 18th is my best friend’s Niki turn. Last year I managed to spent  these important moments with my best friends, but this year.. Unfortunately not.. :(
Last month i thought a lot about my neighbor Daniel, who “went on a better place” previous October.. I miss him.. Especially when i see the cat  Thommy (she is female) in front of my house..  And (it happens very often) that i’m standing in front of his door with the unstoppable wish to knock and say: “Hey Daniel, Bier im Schlosspark?” But.. if i dare, Jan (the new one) will be angry with me, maybe.. I must warn him..
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009