We’re caught
It’s mad and maybe if I could predicted it earlier, I wouldn’t allow it to happen... I’m following virtual cats on the web, waking not from the phone alarm, but from my own giant curiosity to see if the web has changed somehow.. Last day, I made a cup of tee and unfortunately i placed it next to my laptop, so... when i took it, it was hot hot hot! but my natural instincts to drop the cup were not on the place where they’re supposed to be! I mean somehow the fear of dropping the cup and pour the tee on my laptop was much bigger than my natural instinct.. The consequences: my 13” Schatzi is OK, but 2 of my fingers are burned..
I’ve wrote before.. Somebody has predicted that we’ll loose our bodies.. AND IT HAPPENS! but i think, we loose our minds also.. which is not bad.. not bad at all.. but till the moment we loose completely our bodies, it hurts.. ouch!
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Friday, March 13, 2009