Entry 37
it’s 11:55 p.m... time for decisions..
first: i decided to visit London, Stockholm, Berlin and Manchester till the end of the year.
second: to reduce the incredible quantities of chocolate, i eat every day (maybe the next step will be cola-limit)
third: to read newspapers despite of my organic hate to the bad news
fourth: to left only my diplom-work for the begin of 2010
fifth: to amputate all feelings, which could be connected anyhow to the word love and relationship
sixth: to read more books the next months (especially non scientific books or non-programming tutorials)
seventh: to speak more often with my friends and family
eight: sport - the more, the better..
.. And although i have tried at least 28759 to stop the chocolate (obviously, without success), i hope truly that “there is a last even of last times”. We’ll see.. Let’s count it like a TODO-list for the following year..
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009